We have the ability to perform a complete due diligence of any Mexican company or its assets. Said due diligences include, among other concepts, the examination of corporate documents, the title of property of a given piece of real estate and any lien thereon, agreements entered into by clients and suppliers, individual work and collective bargaining agreements, credit agreements and their guarantees, trademarks and patents, administrative permits and contingencies, including environmental issues and judicial procedures in which the company may be part of. The due diligence does not include fiscal issues, for which we recommend consulting a tax and accounting firm. The conclusions of our examinations are reflected in a report that can be made in English, Spanish or German, or a combination of the aforesaid, attending to the individual needs of the client. The report on the due diligence includes the mention of the contingencies that may diminish the value of the company or its assets, as well as the way to correct such contingencies and the approximate cost for such corrections.