Since the nineties, the Mexican economy has characterized by a growing opening towards foreign investments. Consequently, many foreign companies started acquiring Mexican companies, by means of the acquisition of shares, partnership interests or assets thereof. Said investments require a very meticulous previous study of the legal situation of the company object of said acquisition, its commercial relations and its assets, so that the purchaser can have better knowledge of said matters, and the possibility of detecting legal contingencies which may diminish the value of the object of the acquisition (due diligence). In other respects, the investor needs adequate legal advice for the negotiation of the respective purchase and sale agreement, for registering his, her or its acquisition before the National Registry of Foreign Investments and for giving the necessary notices to the Antitrust Commission, in case it is necessary. The attorneys in our firm have ample experience in giving legal advice to foreign investors regarding their acquisition of Mexican companies. Said legal advice includes the elaboration and negotiation of the corresponding purchase and sale agreements and, in case it is necessary, notifying the antitrust authorities.